Signs You May Be the Lead Female in a Young Adult Novel

could they please be more generic

Think you may actually be the main female character in a Young Adult novel? Well I’m here to help you out.

  1. You have no female friends. If you do, it’s only one and you guys are completely different. You often wonder why you are friends in the first place.
  2. You never wear make-up, dresses, or heels. You do not understand these things and any girl who puts any stock in her appearance is shallow and inferior.
  3. You are incredibly insecure and find yourself unattractive. But it’s actually weird because every boy within a five mile radius wants to get with you.
  4. You do not like to go to parties, dances, or sporting events. They are so lame!
  5. Those boys can keep dreaming because you have never liked or been attracted to a boy ever.
  6. But wait! All of that changes when you meet a boy and that very day fall madly in love. You had no idea what the meaning of your life was before you laid eyes on said boy but all you know is that you’d rather jump off a cliff than be without him.
  7. You love to read. And that alone makes you different and unique and better than other kids in your school.
  8. You feel as though no one understands you and everyone judges you, yet you spend a significant portion of your time judging others based on what they do.
  9. You are white.
  10. You have brown hair.
  11. If it’s not brown, then it has to be red. And it needs to be natural. You would never dye your hair (see number 2 to remind yourself why). This red hair is your defining feature and determines your personality. (You’re a feisty one!)
  12. You often find yourself wondering where your personality went but get distracted when you fall over your own two feet. AGAIN!

If you can identify with most of these, then you may very well be the main female character in a young adult novel. Congratulations?



  1. Hahahaha. I am astounded at the finesse of these observations. And yes thanks for making me realize I can also be a lead in a Young Adult Novel.

  2. Love it. I’m now thinking about my current work in progress, making sure that my main character is not following these cliches, and working out ways to fix the ones I have put in.

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