Why Are We All Getting Up In Arms Over the Ice Bucket Challenge

stop whining downton abbey

So I’ve already let you guys know that I don’t think too highly of Facebook. The past week Facebook has been even more annoying than usual and it’s all because of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. And no, it’s not the videos of my friends getting drenched with ice water that’s irritating. Those are usually entertaining. The thing I have a problem with is the people constantly complaining about the latest social media trend.

The premise for the Ice Bucket Challenge is pretty simple. I’m sure most of you are familiar but here’s a crash course for those who do not know about it yet. Once you are nominated, you have 24 hours to post a video of yourself being doused with ice water or you have to donate $100 to the ALS Association. If you decide to make a video, you still donate an amount of your choice and nominate three of your friends to do the challenge.

Seems like a fun gimmick that raises a ton of money for a good cause, right? Who in their right mind would have a problem with this? Well seems like a ton of people, who must be REALLY fun at parties, have a lot of animosity towards this challenge. I’ve seen a slew of people on my FB feed complaining about the abundance of videos, claiming that the posters are just looking for attention.

And a part of that is true. I bet a bunch of people are looking for a chance to get nominated so they can post a hilarious video of themselves getting covered with freezing cold water! Everything we put on social media is to get attention. But when it’s raising money for a horrible disease, why are we complaining? I’d rather see 100 Ice Bucket Challenge videos on my newsfeed than the usual selfies or “OMG I hate Mondays!” posts.

The bottom line is that this trend is raising money and the videos are helping. Last year from July 29 to August 19, the ALS Association raised $1.9 million. The same period this year? They have raised $22.9 million. People aren’t making these videos in an attempt to get out of donating. (Unless they are really shitty people. In that case, they should just get a bucket thrown at their head.) And the videos are a way to pass along the information and get more participants and donations.

Let’s stop shitting on people who want to have a little fun while donating to a good cause.

And one more thing, because I haven’t posted in awhile and I’m feeling generous, here’s Tom Hiddleston doing the Ice Bucket Challenge.

tom hiddleston ice bucket

Any trend that gives me this photo is OK in my book.



  1. I hear ya! I’ve loved watching people drop buckets of water on their heads. Maybe I’m a bitch, but I find it to be amusing hahaha. After all, they don’t HAVE to do it, but posting it is a way of showing your support. Plus, it’s summer, so why not?

  2. I actually just did the challenge myself this morning. I read this article earlier today and I think it backs up everything that you said, girl. For all the haters:


    I think that any social media contest/fad that ends up raising awareness and money–enough money to actually do something good–for a great cause is awesome! And getting to stare at Tom Hiddleston in a wet t-shirt definitely doesn’t hurt either 😉

    1. Just read the article. Thanks for the link. That’s the thing that people need to realize about this trend. In the end, people are donating and the ALS Association is raising money. No way am I going to have a problem with something like that.

  3. I wanted to hate this trend so badly, since slacktivism is one of my biggest pet peeves…until I read about the drastic increase of donations to the ALS Foundation. Looks like I’m out of excuses 😉

    Although you can’t blame people for being bitter, because we have seen so many ‘awareness’ trends on social media that really don’t do anything, like the “What color is your bra?” trend, supposedly in the name of breast cancer awareness. Sadly, most of these I’ve heard of are attention gimmicks and nothing more.

    1. I definitely agree with your last sentence. Most things in social media are just gimmicks and people looking for likes. But this one is actually pulling in serious donations for the ALS Association so I can’t hate on it. Maybe the people complaining aren’t fully aware of the funds being raised.

  4. ha ha… liked how you ended this more than anything 😛 but yeah, this seems like lotta fun 🙂 I am having a good time watching the videos!

  5. Hey, I nominated you the Beautiful Blogger’s Award. Obviously, don’t feel pressured to accept! If you are interested just check out my newest blog post for the info!

  6. I haven’t done it because I’m homeless and don’t have the money to spare, but plan to do so at a later date. Had an interview today, so I hope it pays off!

    And I have to say that I agree with you completely. At first, I found the complaints, whether on Twitter or Facebook, rather amusing, but now, I’m sick and tired of killjoys who harp on anything, let alone a harmless challenge that raises money for medical research.

    I’m sorry, should we be following every move of the Kardashians instead? Kanye, Kim and Baby North (ugh, what a name). How productive.

    Good work, friend. Very well said. I’ve followed you. Check out my own site, including my article, ‘Gay, Interrupted: Perspectives and Paradigms from a Homeless Writer’ when the mood strikes you. 🙂

      1. The interview went well! I also got calls back from some other places and have two interviews lined up for the coming week, so I’m thrilled!

        I hope you liked the offerings at my blog thus far – thanks for the follow! 🙂

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