What the Hell is Wrong with Some People?

what the fuck is wrong with youFull disclosure, I was VERY close to naming this post “What the Fuck is Wrong with Some People?” but I backed out at the last minute. I should have went with the Fuck because that’s the exact question I ask when I come across the people I’m going to complain about below.

I’m one of those rare breeds that still believes humans are generally good. Sure there’s a lot of evil in this world and every time I read the comments on any online article, I second guess myself, but ultimately I think people are good. Maybe I’m naive but I just think that the good people overpower the evil. We just hear about the evil a whole lot better.

With that being said, you all know my blog is not known for its cutesy, feel good posts. So I’m not here to praise the good people in the world. I’m here to bitch about the horrible idiots roaming this world, making life incredibly annoying for the rest of us. There are just way too many times during the day that I find myself mentally shouting “What the fuck is wrong with you?” (I’d never actually do this out loud because I am a baby who avoids confrontation at all costs.) The majority of these “What the fuck is wrong with you?” mental shouts happen while I’m in my car. What is it about cars that really bring out the asshole in humans?

Here are just a few of the many things that make me want to scream “What the FUCK is wrong with you?”

  • When I hold the door for someone and they walk right through without even acknowledging it. My three-year-old nephew understands the concept of thank you, so should your grown ass!
  • People who do not understand how blinkers work. I am not a friggen mind reader. It takes two seconds to let someone know you’re turning right!
  • Those people who try to get on a train before everyone else has gotten off. This is common train etiquette people! You wait your turn. You do not try to shove your ass on the train before everyone else has gotten off!
  • People who listen to their music really loud on the train. Why does the person who feels the need to listen to Beyonce at the highest volume always sit next to me? I don’t want to hear your music. The train doesn’t want to hear your music. Nobody wants to hear your music. And, not to get all old lady on your ass, but lower your music before you do serious damage to your ear drums!
  • Loud gum chewers! Now I must admit that I can sometimes be a loud gum chewer. (What the fuck is wrong with me?!) But I recognize how annoying it is. Chewing gum is fine and completely socially acceptable. If you had some tuna fish for lunch, please pop some minty fresh Trident gum in your mouth. However, keep your mouth shut while chewing!
  • When I am walking down the street and the person in front of me stops for absolutely no reason. Unless a shirtless Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans are coming towards you, there is no reason whatsoever to stop in the middle of walking. (When the topless Chrises are involved, normal human behavior is out the window.) If you need to stop, move to the side or don’t get mad at me when I “accidentally” step on the back of your foot.
  • People who never eat carbs or dessert or greasy food, ever. Now, I know some of you may be thinking that this is more of a personal preference than normal manners that everyone should possess. However, I disagree. I’m all for being fit and healthy, but I think that there is seriously something wrong with a person who has gone 13+ years without eating a single french fry.
  • Litterbugs! Hate is a very strong word but I’ll say it, I hate people who litter. Garbage cans were invented for a reason people. And if you’re not near a garbage can at the moment, you hold on to your shit until you come across one.


  1. Point no. 1, 3, 4, 5 – Check. I face this almost daily and hate it! You have nailed it though – the stupid behaviour of people!

  2. Loud gum chewers (and constant bubble poppers), slow walkers (or those who stop out of nowhere causing you to crash into them) and ill-mannered, no-thank you people are the worst! It’s simple really. Use your blinkers and eat a damn French fry every once in a while, people! Life is way too short! I couldn’t agree more with this post, girl!

  3. “What is it about cars that really bring out the asshole in humans?” – One of those existential questions right up there with “What is the meaning of life?” for me. Seriously, why?!

  4. You know I like you, Liz, but I have to disagree with you about humans being generally good (which you probably already know from following my blog). Anyway, you forgot to mention…

    Loud cell phone talkers in close spaces: buses, trains, coffee shops, libraries
    People who don’t recycle. Worse, people who toss recyclable objects in a trash can when a recycle bin is two feet away

    Weird pet peeve that’s probably unique to me: when people say “excuse me” even though I’ve already moved out of the way. It just seems…unnecessary? People tend to say it AFTER we’ve made eye contact and I acknowledge that they are trying to get by. Annoys me for some odd reason.

    Ending sentences with “at” (“Where’s the restroom at?”). Oh, is that one just me, too? :-p

    1. Haha, I still hold true to my belief that humans are generally good but I can 100% see why people feel the opposite. Loud cell phone talkers is a good one. I forgot about that. That’s just so rude to do.

  5. I love everything about this post, it is all so true and I am not good at confronting people either so I always have the mental narrator going hahaha.
    Holding the door – oh my gosh this annoys me. In fact it annoys me whenever you do something for someone and they don’t say thank you. This is probably my biggest pet hate and I have got braver with this one, I will now say, “You’re welcome” even if they don’t thank me hahaha.
    As far as the loud music I try and make myself feel better by thinking that they will lose their hearing before I do 🙂
    I don’t enjoy loud gum chewers, but I prefer that to people who eat with their mouth open. I can’t stand that, it drives me nuts and puts me off my food. I also don’t enjoy people that bring hot smelly food on the train, it either stinks to high heaven or makes me hella jealous and hungry.
    The street stopper is another of my pet hates! I had a woman stop and turn her pram in front of me the other day and I almost went over it. She lost her shit at me and said I could have killed her baby. At first I took it, but she also got me before I had scored any caffeine that day and when she said I could have killed her baby I turned around and said that it was her fault and she was being very rude, she abused me some more (using terrible English and language, it was all 4-letter specials and ‘youse are gonna get it’ ugh). My friend said to her, ‘Ma’am, if you are going to abuse someone and cuss them out at least speak proper English when doing so or you lose the effect and come off as a complete bogan. I feel sorry for your child because she has a mother like you to deal with’. He is much better at confrontation than I am obviously hahaha. But more importantly I second your claim about the Chrises 🙂
    People who never eat carbs or greasy foods are living a half-life I believe. You need to experience things. I experienced tofu… did not like, eggplant… did not like, but I tried it 🙂
    Also… I think you have been spending too much time on trains lately hahaha.

    1. Omg that lady with the baby sounds nuts. But that’s so great what your friend said to her. I will sometimes add a sarcastic “you’re welcome” to people I hold the door for and don’t say thank you. It depends on what kind of mood I’m in. And I do spend too much time on trains. It’s the only way to get to work. So twice a day, four days a week. I will actively avoid public transportation on the weekend.

      1. I hated catching trains when it was my only option to go to work, I got sick so often and I am sure it was from people on trains. Like you, at that time many of my pet hates were train related. Now that I basically never use them I quite enjoy a train as transportation hahaha.
        I know, my friend is awesome. I am often in awe of him 🙂

  6. HAHA I love this! One thing I really, really hate is when I smile at someone and they just look away or just continue walking with a straight face! It doesn’t hurt to smile back at someone!

    Or am I just weird for smiling at people on the street?

    1. I think people have become so cynical that they feel there has to be an ulterior motive if someone smiles at them. Sadly, I can be like this as well but mostly when it’s guys who randomly smile at me.

  7. Yes! I have had a ‘People who need to get off public transport’ post in the making for a while (someone on my commute reminds me of it every morning), and most of these are on the list. Add ‘People who lean on the handrails so I have to flail around the carriage’.

  8. the elevator. ..omg, the elevator. It’s the same concept as the train except it’s more annoying. Why in the hell am I being forced to wait for you to get on before I get off? ?wtf. And what if the door closes before I can get off, what will you say to me then? And I could have hugged you when you talked about the sidewalk stopper. O…M….G….

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