My Sisters Are the Best Gift My Parents Ever Gave Me

Frozen - She's my sister.So yesterday was National Sisters Day and I totally think it’s ridiculous that they always seem to come up with a new day to celebrate something. It seems like just last week we were celebrating National Siblings Day. Now there’s a completely different day for sisters. (I just checked and it turns out that there isn’t a specific day set aside just to celebrate brothers. Somebody market that ASAP!)

So while I think that these random days celebrating something that you should be celebrating every day anyway are completely hokey, I’m still going to use it as an excuse to write about how awesome my sisters are! They really are the greatest gift my parents ever gave me. I have one older sister and one younger sister and I don’t know where I would be without either of them in my life. I am not nearly talented enough to put into words how truly grateful I am to have my sisters but I will try my hardest.

My Sisters

People always say how much we look alike. Three points to the person who correctly guesses which one I am!

1. They truly understand what you mean when you say one or both of your parents are crazy. My sisters grew up with my parents as well so they are fully aware of how insane they can be. If I try to tell a friend how annoying my parent is being, they will brush it off and tell me I’m being mean. My friends love my parents because they never had to live with them. If I tell my sisters how annoying a parent is being, they will just respond with, “Oh God, what did mom do now?”

2. Our fights are usually ridiculous and never actually end with “I’m sorry.” Anyone who thinks that brothers are the only ones who physically fight has never come across sisters before. My sisters and I fought constantly when we were younger. (Being the weakling of the bunch, I fully admit that 99.9% of the time it was me getting my ass handed to me by my older sister – and sometimes the younger one.) All these years later, we still fight. And it’s always over the dumbest shit possible. Most of these fights involve missing clothing that one sister swears the other borrowed and never returned. But these fights never last. We’ll get nasty with one another, call each other annoying, and then five minutes later be cracking up about something.

3. Nothing is ever actually just yours. This is has been the story of my life since day one. My older sister at least had five years of knowing what it was like to not have to share anything. My little sister and I weren’t so lucky. Food, clothing, rooms, toys. I had to share everything. And this hasn’t really stopped. Remember how I just mentioned that most of our fights are about missing clothing? At this point, we have some articles of clothing that have been passed around so much that we can’t remember who the original owner was. And food is never off limits. If you’re eating something that looks good, I’m taking a bite and no I will not be asking your permission first.

4. There truly are no boundaries. I have absolutely no shame when it comes to my sisters. They saw me go through every single awkward stage that a person goes through while growing up. They are the ones who know that I wet my bed way longer than I should have. (And I guess now all of you do as well so congratulations!) There’s no acting like a prim and proper lady around my sisters. I need to change my clothes? This top will be coming off right in front of you without a warning. I have to fart? Not only will I not be going to another room for your sake, I may just fart on you.

5. Their friends become your friends and vice versa. I am not even sure when this transition happens but there comes a point where people will stop just being my sister’s friend and start to become my friend.

6. You always have a partner in crime to do all the stupid things you couldn’t get anyone else to do. I like some really bad movies. One of my favorite genres is cheesy, horror films. I know I can always count on my sisters to watch the latest film about killer zombie beavers. (This is a real movie and yes I did watch it last night with my little sister.) If there’s something I really want to do and I can’t get any of my friends to tag along, I know I can rely on one or both of my sisters.

7. When you’re down and need someone, they’ll be there for you regardless of what else they have going on. My older sister works, has a husband, and has two kids, yet if I really need her, she’s always there. Sisters are the best for when you’re feeling down because they are up for whatever you need. Whether it’s a giant cake, a shot of whiskey, or to just lay in bed watching cheesy movies, they got you covered.

8. There will never be a shortage of memories. When you have people that you’ve known since birth, you’re going to build a whole lot of memories. The inside jokes are endless and you can spend hours simply reminiscing about your childhood.

9. No one can tease you quite like a sister can. They know all of your secrets and they are not afraid to play dirty when it comes to teasing. They will have no problem bringing up the embarrassing things you did when you were twelve. (It was a weird age for everyone, just let it go already.)

10. They can give you adorable nieces and/or nephews. I am still on the fence about whether or not I want to have kids myself. But for now I have two of the cutest nephews in the world. They are my favorite little people in the entire world and I cannot thank my sister enough for making me an aunt twice.

Are these not the cutest little munchkins you've ever seen?

Are these not the cutest little munchkins you’ve ever seen?

11. No matter what you’ll always have someone there that will have your back. There aren’t many guarantees in life and I know you’re never supposed to say never, but I can’t imagine a time when I’m not close with my sisters. Through jobs, relationships, moves, or whatever life may throw at us, I know that my sisters will always be there for me.

12. Somewhere along the way they become more than just a sister. My sisters are so much more than just my sisters, they are my best friends.




  1. Yeah, I had two brothers that I shared a room with growing up and I’ve gotta say that most of these apply to my brothers. Especially the part about us calling our parents crazy and us making fun of each other. We had to get pretty quick witted to survive.

  2. #1, 2, 8, and 9 are especially relevant! I have a sister, and although we weren’t super close when we were younger, we’re beginning to come together now. I am able to talk to her about things that I wouldn’t have been comfortable telling our parents. Same with her as well. I don’t have trouble joking with her and being serious at the same time, and I appreciate her being there in my life. You post definitely captured the essence of sisterhood!

  3. I’ve got two sisters as well and you’ve just about nailed what life with them is like. Almost all our fights come down to clothes. Sometimes I still sneak their clothes without telling them! Hahah great post 🙂

  4. 1. It took forever before my sister called me with “mom drama.” I was EXHILARATED! Finally you see the light! lol.

    2. My sister has always been quicker at comebacks than me. It was always annoying to lose fights with a smart-mouthed little brat.

    4. She read my diary…and didn’t reveal it to me until 5 years later…in conversation…about my dating life…humiliating

    10. Poor mom will never see this happen. I’m single at 30. No chance that I’ll have kids in time lol

    1. Sisters are the best and worst at the same time.

      I am 29 and single and my mom will sometimes say this to my nephews, “Aw, I better love you guys up cause you’re probably going to be only grandkids I ever kid.” Thanks for the vote of confidence mom!

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