The Internet is a Strange Place

That's just weird - jeremy renner

I was in California last week. It was really nice to get away but I am glad to be back home. I missed the East Coast. I can bitch and moan about New York all I want, but anytime I leave, I can’t wait to get back. The only thing that makes me sad about coming back is that it signifies the beginning of the end of my summer break. My summer Fridays are officially over and I go back to school this Thursday! I can’t believe it’s already almost time for school again. I’m excited to start my final semester but also a little nervous. I wish I could get another week or two without the stress of school.

The return of school means that I’m going to be posting even less frequently than I do now. I know this is very sad news. Try not to cry too much. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of papers that I’ll need to procrastinate on. Writing a post will be the perfect distraction. But for now, before school really starts to kick my ass, I’m bringing you a new post. Yay! A new post where I talk about how confusing I find the Internet sometimes.

The Internet is a very confusing and weird place. Of course, it doesn’t confuse me as much as it did Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel back in 1994. I obviously know how the Internet works and what it’s for: Porn! But there are plenty of times I find myself shutting down the computer and saying, “That’s enough Internet for today.” Here are just a few things that have me scratching my head.

1. The comments section on any article ever written. If you want to lose your faith in humanity on a regular basis, just read the comments on any article. It doesn’t matter what the subject is. There could be an article about firemen saving babies and puppies from a burning building and commenters will somehow find a way to be despicable. The comments usually have to do with the gays pushing the gay agenda on innocent children or women being shameless whores. Want to know the quickest way to be told you should be raped and killed? Be a female (or pretend to be a female) and disagree with something in the comments section. It’s that easy.

2. The Humans of New York FB page. Remember what I just said about commenters on the Internet? Well, when you visit HONY, it’s the complete opposite.  Humans of New York is the single most beautiful area on all the Internet. If you aren’t familiar with HONY, you need to familiarize yourself immediately. The posts and the comments from readers is reason enough to keep your FB account active. You will laugh, you will cry, you will have your faith in humanity restored.

3. Benedict Cumberbatch. We all know that I’m in love with the Internet’s number one boyfriend. But there’s another geeky, tall British lad that everyone seems to be in love with and I just do not get it. Sorry, but I just do not get the obsession with Benedict Cumberbatch. Sure he’s a good actor and makes a great Sherlock but is he hot? I’m gonna have to pass. This is one thing about the Internet that I’ll never understand.

4. Snapchat, Vine, and the newest social media app that probably came out earlier today. Things were much simpler when I was a teenager. It started with MySpace and then we gradually moved to Facebook. Not to get all back-in-my-day old lady on everyone, but these days a new social media app comes out every hour. Who can keep up with that? I have FB and Instagram, and that’s more than enough social media for me. How do teenagers have time for anything else when dealing with 500 different apps at once?

5. A person’s Internet personality. The persona some people take on while hiding behind a computer is very different from who they are in real life. And yes, this does have a lot to do with commenters. People say a lot of shitty things to strangers on the Internet that they would never have the balls to say in real life. But this also pertains to people on social media. You know what I’m talking about. You ever have someone you know in real life and actually like them but then see their posts on FB or Instagram and immediately want to punch a whole in a wall or their face? Social media can really bring out the worst in people. Even people you would normally like.

6. YouTube stars. So E! Online caused a shit storm the other day for having the audacity to question whether some of the celebrities at the Teen Choice Awards were actually celebrities. Naturally, people got angry because you cannot do anything these days without getting someone angry. E! Online was talking about the plethora of Vine and YouTube stars walking the red carpet. I’ve watched some Jenna Marbles videos before and she can be very funny, but I don’t think I could subscribe to several different accounts watching random people tell me about their day and show me how to put on make-up. I realize the irony of me saying that on my personal blog that I want people to read but I would never pretend that I’m a celebrity. Sorry, this is another thing about the Internet that I will never get.

7. Cats. And no I am not talking about the Broadway show. I’m talking about the devil’s children who will sneak into your baby’s room at night and steal its breathe (while this may or may not be true, let’s pretend it is cause it supports my case against cats). Now cats on the Internet are really cute. Like, really, really, really cute. What I want to know is, where are these cats in real life? Every cat I’ve ever come across either didn’t even look my way or looked at me and hissed like I murdered every member of its family. No amount of cute YouTube cat clips can convince me that they are better than dogs.



      1. Ahh! I love San Francisco even with its craziness and gritty feel. It’s definitely a different culture from SoCal. Also, wine and coffee are my two favorite things and SF has plenty of both 🙂

  1. Anytime I lose faith in humanity, I look at the HONY page. It’s definitely one of my top 5 fave places to go on the interwebs (and is also one of my biggest time sucks). I’m so glad you had a great time in Cali, girl and am sooo excited for you to start your last year of school!!! You’re going to kick some serious ass and take some serious names, no doubt! xoxo

  2. lmbo mannnnnn I couldn’t agree more (except for the cats – I am a cat lover lol). Mine are a little too emotional in fact. I swear I think one was a harlot in another life. You would have to be a really big YouTube star for me to accept you being on the red carpet – I mean, BIG. In fact, I only know 3 people that I would be okay seeing on the red carpet and they actually talk about celebrities as the theme of their vlogs.

    1. Haha, I think the thing that made me laugh the most about the whole YouTube stars thing was how angry some people got. They took it way too seriously when the writer was simply pointing out the majority of the population has no idea who these people are.

      1. People are so emotional over everything these days lol. You can’t say one word without offending someone. The writer had a good point! Now if WE were on the red carpet, it would have been different. We are blog celebs. LOL jk jk – I wish!

  3. Oh, man! You were in California?! It’s my home state; hope you had fun. 🙂

    And yes to all the points you mentioned! Never got the hype of Benedict Cumberbatch, nor the millions of social media apps popping up every day. I’ve seen Humans of New York and while inspiring, I am getting tired of it on my FB Newsfeed. Just my thoughts, though!

    Wish you a wonderful return to school!

    1. Yea, Cali was a lot of fun. It was the first time I’ve ever been. I haven’t gotten sick of HONY yet. I like the posts are still very different and the creator hasn’t done anything to sell out yet. Even when he photographs the Met Gala most of the photos he chooses to post are of non-famous people. I love that.

  4. Love Humans of New York. And I promise you that cats who think they’re puppies exist (because I have two). They’ll lick your face and roll on their backs in front of the door to keep you from leaving, and paw at the window when they see you coming home.

    1. I’ve seen photos of your cats on your blog. They seem really adorable and I’m sure they are. I just haven’t been lucky enough to meet any of these awesome cats in person.

  5. It’s pretty hard to keep up with all the apps. I was thinking the other day that we feel like we need to keep up with the teens because they determine what is cool, but really that is all they have. We are the grown ups, and we have the money and the jobs, and the houses and the stuff. They should be bowing down to us.

    1. I almost felt a little badly writing that one. It’s a bit shallow but I’ve just seen way too many posts on the article drooling over him and I genuinely do not get it.

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