Things Are Different This Time

Well I haven’t been around in awhile. I did not want to start 2016 completely neglecting this blog. It kind of just happened that way. I don’t have a working laptop at the moment and the new job does not leave me a lot of time to sit and write a post. (I did some of my best blogging at my old job.)

I’ve been missing blogging and reading posts from my favorite bloggers. But other than that, 2016 has been going really well for me. My job as a Young Adult librarian has been a lot of fun. I still haven’t fully won over the teens at my library but I will! I’m not above bribing them with chips and cookies. They will like me! I’ve also found a place to live. I will once again have my own place by February 15th. I’ll also be purchasing a new laptop to go with my move so blogging will go back to normal eventually. (You all can rejoice!)

Additionally, remember the nice boy who’s tall and makes me laugh I spoke about in my last post? Well he is still very much in the picture. Things are going really good. It’s no secret that I have a tendency to overthink things so I can honestly say that things are going scarily good. Boys normally fall into one of two categories for me. Either I really like them and am attracted to them but they’re assholes who don’t treat me so great or they are so nice to me and are so into me but I feel nothing towards them. But this guy. Man, it’s different. He’s so incredibly nice and he likes me. But I also really like him and think he is just the cutest boy ever! (I know, I know. I’m corny! I can’t help it.)

Anyone who has read even just a handful of my posts will know that I am not very good at the whole dating thing. Things never seem to work out. Things just feel different this time around. I’m not pulling many of my classic-Liz moves that I normally do when I like a boy.

  1. I don’t analyze every word of every text I send him. If there’s something I want to tell him or just want to say “hi,” I send him the text without even thinking about it. I don’t spend hours debating whether I should send him a “What’s going on?” or “What’s up?” text with my friends. (Something I have sadly done many times before.)
  2. I’m not afraid to let him know I like him and be affectionate towards him. This is going to be very shocking to hear, but I have a bit of a wall built up around me. I don’t normally like letting a guy know I’m into him for fear of being hurt.
  3. If he doesn’t answer my text right away, I don’t stress. I know it’s cause he’s probably busy at work or just hasn’t had a chance to answer me back yet.
  4. I haven’t spent hours obsessing over all the things that are wrong with him. I like him and I haven’t tried convincing myself that there are so many reasons why I shouldn’t like him.
  5. I’m myself around him. This is a big one. Normally when I like a boy, it’s almost impossible for me to be myself. I don’t do it on purpose but I’m just thinking so much that it’s hard to act natural. When I’m with this boy, I’m incredibly goofy and the conversation just flows easily.
  6. I have no problems initiating plans with him. This coincides with point number 2. Normally, I avoid coming across as clingy or as though I like a boy too much by never being the first to make plans. I’ll usually make the guy do all the work.
  7. I don’t feel the need to constantly talk about him. Here comes another shocker: I’m usually pretty insecure when dating someone. I normally spend a lot of time chewing my friend’s ears off with every detail about what’s going on with the guy I’m dating. I think I’m subconsciously looking for reassurance that things are going well.
  8. I’m not worried about the future or “what we are.” This is still all new. We’ve been hanging out for about a month now and I’m just enjoying the time. I’m not overthinking labels or where this is all headed. I’m just enjoying my time with him right now.

I’ve been very un-Liz like and I’m really liking it.






  1. I’m fully convinced that we are the same person. But like, for realsies. Reading through your list, I found myself yelling at my computer (but silently yelling because I’m at the library) YAASSSSS!!! I’ve been the overthinker, the worrier, the never-tell-the-guy-I’m-interested-in-how-I-feel-because-I’m-TERRIFIED-he-won’t-feel-the-same-way’er. And I still am to an extant, but with this guy, it’s like I can finally, finally let all of this stuff go. I am SOOOOOO froggin’ excited and happy for you, lady! New job, new apartment, new and wonderful boy sitch?! You deserve it all and then some, sweets! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Wendi!!! I still have my moments of thinking that something is going to go wrong. But I just push those thoughts away because I know they are pointless. I need to just enjoy the moment right now and appreciate how ridiculously wonderful everything is.

      I am soooo excited for you as well. I cannot wait to hear more about your new guy as well. 🙂

      1. Awe good, girl! I’m glad! As with my boy, things are so damn confusing. Things were going so well. Like, so well! But he suddenly went AWOL. We were texting and hanging out on the regular, but now…nothing. Oy, I just don’t even know anymore haha. I know he’s super busy with work and school, but he was before as well and that didn’t change anything. Oy. I just don’t know anymore. I’m seriously considering just becoming a crazy dog lady.

      2. Oh no! I HATE when that happens. It’s the worst thing in the world when someone just disappears out of nowhere. I don’t question it if we’ve only gone on one date. But if you’ve been hanging out and talking a lot, it doesn’t make sense to just completely disappear. Maybe it really does have to do with work and school. I know I was crazy busy when I had both of those things going on. If he’s just being a dick and ghosting, then he’s so dumb. You are awesome and if he can’t see that, then he’s clearly an idiot and not worth your time.

      3. Right?! I would definitely just shrug it off it we had only hung out once or twice, but it’s been a consistent thing for about a month now. It could be that he just needs space, or that he’s busy. Which I totally understand. But good gravy that doesn’t make it any easier, or keep me from wondering if it was something I did. But you’re right; if he just up and decided to ghost on me, he wasn’t worth my time to begin with. I’ll keep you updated! And thanks, girl! You always know exactly what to say to make me feel better haha.

      4. I really do hope things work out. And if he does finally answer you, he better have a good excuse as to why he just disappeared. After a month of talking, that’s not cool. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  2. Congrats, Liz! Games are never fun and you’re pretty lucky to have found a guy who doesn’t partake in that crap. ❤

  3. Oh Liz. Our January’s could not have been more different dating wise. Part of my hiatus was heartbreak induced.
    Classic Liz moments are very much alive for me! I’ll take up the torch for you.

    So glad to hear you’ve got a special fella!

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