Money Can Buy Happiness

Shut up i'm rich

Money Can’t Buy Happiness. A while ago on this blog I made some comments about my least favorite sayings. I completely dropped the ball on that post. I did not include my least favorite saying of all time: Money Can’t Buy Happiness. What a load of crock that is!

Before you start with the whole “even the richest person could be depressed” nonsense, I’m going to stop you. I get what the saying is supposed to mean. Love and family and inner peace…all that crap is what truly makes a life rich. Rich people have problems too. But here’s the thing, I’d rather take rich people problems than poor people problems any day of the week.

Money really can’t buy happiness? I dunno, having health insurance and a roof over your head and a warm bed to sleep in will make people happy. You know what all those things cost? Money!

Kenny Powers Dollar, Dollar Bills yall

Call me materialistic all you want, but here are just a few things that would make me oh so happy. If only I had the money to afford them.

1. Putting guacamole on my burrito bowl wouldn’t even be a question.

2. My fries would ALWAYS come with cheese on them.

3. I’d never have to wait in traffic to take the bridge. I can slide on over to the fast lane to the tunnel cause who cares about tolls?

4. There’d never be a scramble to find an ATM to take out money when I need cash. I’ll just use my credit card and pay that extra $0.10 a gallon.

5. Speaking of ATMs, I would be able to go to any one I want. No need to worry about paying that $3.00 service fee.

6. Having to wait a week for the sale to start before I can buy ice cream would be a thing of the past.

7. I could order all the take-out I want, all the time, and never have to cry about my life savings going to pizza.

8. Speaking of pizza: Unlimited Toppings!!!

9. Getting dessert after every meal would always happen.

10. And I realize that the majority of these have to do with food but here’s another thing I could get if money wasn’t an option: a personal trainer.



  1. Ha! Love it. Money can pay for braces, groceries, home repairs, retainers for lawyers (don’t ask lol), and a vacation that I sorely need after all of that! 🙂

  2. It’s the best conversation in the world, isn’t it – what would you do if you won the lottery (and a LOT of money – tens of millions – not a few million). I argued with my co-workers that I would take a break for a few months to figure out what I would do. Some of them said they would carry on as per normal.

  3. You’re really right. I personally think the worst thing about being poor–I mean, unless you’re actually destitute–is the anxiety that goes with it. I think it’s also factual to say poor people are generally not as healthy as richer ones… food deserts, lack of healthcare, environmental/occupational hazards, inability to take time off work, inability to afford gyms/pools/trainers, neighborhoods that lack sidewalks, lack of time to prepare healthy food… it’s not a freaking mystery really. The way you feel physically will affect your happiness level. In this way, of course money buys happiness (to some extent).

    1. I definitely agree with you. I mostly meant this post as a joke but there are some really big issues when it comes to money and happiness. If you can’t afford basic necessities then it’s going to affect your health and overall wellbeing.

  4. lmbo @ the majority of the things having to do with food. Hilarious. I feel you – I am a food lover of lovers. I agree with you – money doesn’t buy all of those intimate things but man oh man I would be a much happier person if I had it!

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