Let’s Talk About Political Correctness

Political Correctness (PC) has been quite the buzzword this past year in the U.S. We’ve become too PC. We are sensitive babies. PC culture is ruining the country.

Considering that my views on social issues lean towards the left, this may come as a shock to you, but I partially agree with the critiques regarding this country and political correctness. I do think that we have become a little too sensitive at times. There is some Internet outrage every hour. And this outrage is usually directed towards something so insignificant.

I think a common misconception with PC culture is that it’s just the people on the left crying foul. Sorry but the overreacting plagues the entire country and all its inhabitants. (Finally something we are all on the same page with: being sensitive babies!)

The design of a Starbucks cup. A football player kneeling. The phrase “Happy Holidays.” In a time when our country is facing some really big issues, these are some of the things that people tend to cry out about.

So yes, in general, our country has become too sensitive. It shouldn’t matter whether a mall decides to put up a Christmas tree or not. A comedian shouldn’t be required to go on an apology tour because they made an off-color joke.

If when you refer to PC culture getting out of control, you’re referring to Apple replacing the gun emoji with a water gun, then I agree with you. I’m a girl who doesn’t think rape jokes should be banned. Do I think they’re funny? No. I also don’t find Aids jokes funny. What do I do if someone makes a joke about one of those subjects? Not laugh. I don’t research the person’s job so I can have them fired.

But let’s talk about what many people mean when they talk about PC culture, particurlay the walking Cheeto in the above gif.

Being tolerant of ALL religions and  nationalities is not ruining this country. Allowing two consenting adults to marry the person they love is not ruining this country. Letting people explore their sexual orientation and gender because it literally doesn’t affect you in any way is not ruining the country.

Don’t cry and hide behind “political correctness” when you’re really just angry that PC Culture doesn’t allow you to be racist, homophobic, or sexist.



  1. I love this! I really hate the PC culture too. I’ve had many people say something to me, and then follow it with, “Sorry if that offended you…” when nothing about their statement or question offended me. We are all walking on eggshells at this point.

    1. Reminds me of several years ago when I got a really good, drastic new haircut. The women at work (I’m also a woman) complimented me and it was nice. But the men who complimented me all felt the need to say, “I hope this isn’t rude/harassment/offensive/whatever, but that hairstyle looks really great on you!” These were guys I knew, not creepers at all, not saying anything sexually suggestive, yet they were afraid to just pay me a compliment. I’ve seen other examples of this sort of thing. I think it’s sad to feel like you have to walk on eggshells all the time.

  2. I’m all for Political Correctness that says “Hey, let’s not be horrible to other people.” However, it seems like more and more it’s just used as an excuse to censor people who disagree with other people.I found myself ticked (perhaps more than I had a right to be) when Apple replaced a gun with a water pistol. Really? Do you seriously think that’s going to have ANY affect on the number of violent crimes? And yet they were okay with keeping the bomb and knife emojii? People are killed way more frequently by knives than they are by guns.

    As for people constantly having their lives destroyed because someone somewhere was offended by what they said is getting SO old. It’s heartening to see that the backlash against this kind of epidemic is gaining momentum. Perhaps PC culture will be replaced with actual respect for others and civil discussions……I can dream.

    1. The witch hunt whenever someone gets offended is ridiculous and solves nothing. It doesn’t open any kind of dialogue and just works to turn people away from being PC.

  3. Couldn’t agree more! My hero George Carlin used to talk about this decades ago but I doubt even he in his infinite wisdom could have imagined it would have gotten this bad.

    1. It’s become insane. I am all for accepting people but sometimes a joke is just a joke! I watch movies sometimes from the back in the day and find myself thinking, “This would never be able to be made today.”

  4. “Being tolerant of ALL religions and nationalities is not ruining this country. Allowing two consenting adults to marry the person they love is not ruining this country. Letting people explore their sexual orientation and gender because it literally doesn’t affect you in any way is not ruining the country.” — AMEN, sister! 🙂

  5. The drive to become inclusive by being increasingly exclusive is peculiar indeed. I’ve been doing much thinking about this the last few weeks…but also thinking of the corollary of patriotic correctness…just as stifling, although coming from another direction. The division in the nation is something we so need to heal.

    1. I wish I could even begin to come up with a way to heal the division in this country. It’s sadly something I don’t see happening anytime soon. It just always seems to be getting worse.

      1. Yeah. I hear that. Although I have to say, this past election cycle really woke me out of a stupor I didn’t realize I was in. My background is in social work focussed on drug addicts and harm reduction…with a strong interest in stories and such. So I am kind of looking at things with a literary/psych lens. A lot of self reflection too. Apparently I’m striking a chord for my friends…I’ve had my blog for less than two weeks and have four posts but I’ve gotten over 300 hits, most of that in the last two days. I don’t know what the solution is, but I’m starting to get clearer on my way of being right now.

        O…and thanks for responding to my comment. I appreciate it! It’s so nice to know I’m not just always talking into the wind, you know what I mean?

      2. I agree with the self reflection. This election has brought a lot of that out. Thank you for commenting. It’s always nice to know that people are reading.

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