Things I’d Like to Do in Theory Only

In my head, I am a wonderful person. I have all these grand ideas on what type of person I’d like to be. This imaginative idea of myself is always cheerful, is put-together, exercises, and never leaves things on her to-do list left undone.

I attempt to live up to these standards but nine out of ten times I fail. I don’t go to sleep early enough at night. I don’t eat healthy enough. Some mornings I don’t even have enough time to brush my hair before walking out the door.

This ideal Liz also stays up-to-date with this blog. She regularly posts new articles. When she thinks of something new to write about, she immediately gets to her laptop and starts typing away. She doesn’t have dozens of unfinished drafts.

Unfortunately, you guys are stuck with the real Liz and I am sorry about that. The real Liz has the best intentions. She just falls short. I always say I want to write in here at least once a week but life seems to get in the way. If I’m not too busy to post, then I’m too tired to post.

I am going to try my hardest to keep up with this blog from now on. There is so much I want to write about. I just need to find the time to write.

I realize now that I will fail. There will be weeks and even months where I push off writing here. Just know that this blog is not the only thing real life Liz puts off and doesn’t follow through with. There’s a long list of things. In my head, I’m a great person. In reality, not so much.

In an ideal world, I’d be the type of person who…

Goes shopping on Sunday and prepares food for the week. Who never lets food go to waste and winds up buying lunch the whole week.

Wakes up early enough every morning to leave the house with my hair done and makeup on.

Keeps up-to-date with current events and always knows about the latest news or scandal.

Makes time to fit at least 30 minutes of exercise in my routine daily.

Doesn’t eat brownies and ice cream for dinner.

Is able to always have time for work, family, friends, my bf, and myself.

Actually donates their time to a worthwhile cause and not just think about it.

Doesn’t just pin a million recipes but actually cooks them.

Always has a tidy apartment. Clothes are always put away, dishes are never left in the sink.

Doesn’t just talk/think about all the things they want to do or the type of person they want to be. I would just do.

I really gotta start working harder to live up to the standards of fictional Liz.



  1. Really? If you master that list you’ll have to share how you did it! About the only thing on your list that I have accomplished regularly is not eating brownies and ice cream for dinner! 🙂

    1. I’m getting close to the brownies and ice cream for dinner. I wanna say about 5 days out of the week I eat a balanced dinner. The rest of the stuff, I’m not even close to accomplishing.

  2. I admit, I’m guilty of some of the points you made. I’d like to think of myself as neat, but my desk and apartment say otherwise. It’s just a matter of trying our best, so no pressure if you don’t update your blog regularly- what’s more important is that you have something meaningful you can to write about and share with us. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I need to remember that. I shouldn’t set my sights so high. It’s all about make little changes that can add up to big ones.

  3. I think you need to take out the word “always” because always is impossible. Use the 80/20 principle! I’m sure you could do 80% of the items on your list 80%of the time. 😊

  4. Damn. Ideal Liz and Ideal Quinn should get together and maybe complete that list between them, because I have ALL the same struggles!

  5. I definitely can relate to this. I think what matters is that we just try to do the best we can under the circumstances. In the end, that’s all we really can do

  6. I have never related to something so much in my life… But! I’ve learned to set obtainable standards for myself. Like… keep the babies alive. and…….. that.. is….. about…. it. So far so good!

    1. Keep the babies alive is a VERY good standard to have. And not an easy one. I know if I had little ones to care for, I would not be able to focus on anything else.

      1. lmao. Although the above comment made me laugh, there’s so much truth to this approach. There are some very important things in life to tend to but there are a ton of unnecessary pressures that we put on ourselves. I love me some real Liz! I’m sure fictional Liz would be pretty cool too though – as long as she still eats brownies and ice cream for dinner 😀

  7. This is so similar to what I was thinking about and saying to a friend earlier today. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one feeling like my life isn’t living up to my hopeful life in my mind. Yet, I continue to have hopes and dreams and strive for them….. or eat some peanut butter and chocolate ice cream, which ever one seems the best at the time!

    1. I think the important thing is that we continue to have hopes and dreams. It means we haven’t given up. Hopes, dreams, goals…none of them are achieved overnight. They take time. And in between, peanut butter and chocolate ice cream is a great distraction.

  8. It me. Haha! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who sometimes sets expectations for myself that are a little too ambitious. But aiming high just means we have more to shoot for. #goalsaf 😉

  9. You definitely aren’t the only one! I can relate to all of these except pinning recipes, being minus Pinterest, but I have a subscription to a cookbook website and have used precisely zero of its recipes in about nine months.

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