If You Don’t Want Nude Photos Leaked, Don’t Take Nude Photos

Gillian Anderson - Media turns women into virgins or whores

If you don’t want your nude photos shown all over the internet, don’t take nude photos. If you don’t want to get raped, don’t wear revealing clothing. If you don’t want your identity stolen, don’t use credit cards. If you don’t want to get robbed, don’t buy things. If you don’t want to get electrocuted, don’t have any electronics. If you don’t want to get punched in the face, don’t have a face.

Enough! Enough with victim blaming, no matter the crime. If your first response to the photo leak was to shout that people shouldn’t take naked photos, just stop! If your first response was to proclaim how you never have and never will take nude photos, congratulations! Would you and your high horse like a cookie?

Maybe I’m crazy. Maybe this is a concept that some people can’t understand but where I come from, when a crime is committed the person to blame is the criminal who committed said crime.

But sadly we leave in a society where that’s not always the case, especially when the crime is of a sexual nature. People will bend over backwards to find reasons the victims brought it upon themselves.

In this case, these reasons are as follows: Those celebrities shouldn’t have taken the photos in the first place. They should have covered their faces. They were stupid for saving the photos on iCloud.

Now don’t get me wrong, that is some solid advice. This is a reminder for everyone that it is harder and harder to keep things private these days. This became big news because of the people it happened to but even us common folk get our private photos/videos leaked on the Internet. However, if your first and only response is one of those reasons and not that this is a gross violation of privacy and the person who hacked the photos is to blame, then you are part of the problem.

That should be the biggest and only problem about this photo leak: Privacy! The content of the photos should be a non-issue here. It’s just boobs, but to some people that seems to be the biggest problem. Because don’t forget ladies, the second you decide to take control of your own sexuality, you’re not doing what society expects of you. Your sexuality is a prop and commodity for others to do what they please with. You break away from that mold and expect to be condemned.

I am sick and tired of people being blamed when a crime is committed against them. Let’s stop with the victim shaming once and for all. The only person who should be blamed when a crime is committed is the criminal.

(Sorry that this post is kind of all over the place. I started school on Thursday so I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep. And I have to go to the dentist today so I have been extra cranky. I promise something upbeat for my next post!)


Why Are We All Getting Up In Arms Over the Ice Bucket Challenge

stop whining downton abbey

So I’ve already let you guys know that I don’t think too highly of Facebook. The past week Facebook has been even more annoying than usual and it’s all because of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. And no, it’s not the videos of my friends getting drenched with ice water that’s irritating. Those are usually entertaining. The thing I have a problem with is the people constantly complaining about the latest social media trend.

The premise for the Ice Bucket Challenge is pretty simple. I’m sure most of you are familiar but here’s a crash course for those who do not know about it yet. Once you are nominated, you have 24 hours to post a video of yourself being doused with ice water or you have to donate $100 to the ALS Association. If you decide to make a video, you still donate an amount of your choice and nominate three of your friends to do the challenge.

Seems like a fun gimmick that raises a ton of money for a good cause, right? Who in their right mind would have a problem with this? Well seems like a ton of people, who must be REALLY fun at parties, have a lot of animosity towards this challenge. I’ve seen a slew of people on my FB feed complaining about the abundance of videos, claiming that the posters are just looking for attention.

And a part of that is true. I bet a bunch of people are looking for a chance to get nominated so they can post a hilarious video of themselves getting covered with freezing cold water! Everything we put on social media is to get attention. But when it’s raising money for a horrible disease, why are we complaining? I’d rather see 100 Ice Bucket Challenge videos on my newsfeed than the usual selfies or “OMG I hate Mondays!” posts.

The bottom line is that this trend is raising money and the videos are helping. Last year from July 29 to August 19, the ALS Association raised $1.9 million. The same period this year? They have raised $22.9 million. People aren’t making these videos in an attempt to get out of donating. (Unless they are really shitty people. In that case, they should just get a bucket thrown at their head.) And the videos are a way to pass along the information and get more participants and donations.

Let’s stop shitting on people who want to have a little fun while donating to a good cause.

And one more thing, because I haven’t posted in awhile and I’m feeling generous, here’s Tom Hiddleston doing the Ice Bucket Challenge.

tom hiddleston ice bucket

Any trend that gives me this photo is OK in my book.

I Like You Unironically


When I was in high school, I had this one teacher who played this ice breaker game the first day of class. He had the whole class stand up, he would announce a fact, then you would sit down if you didn’t agree with it and remain standing if you did agree with it. It was a fun way to find out the little things you had in common with your fellow classmates. One of the facts he said was “I love Britney Spears’ music.” I looked around and noticed that everyone started sitting down. I waited a beat before sitting down myself. If I hadn’t sat down, I would have been the only one standing. The thing is, I loved Britney then. I still do! However, I did not want to be the only one standing. I was too embarrassed to be the only one standing.

That was back in high school when a person’s insecurities are at an all-time high. Like most teenagers all I really craved was to fit in. However, I have noticed that a lot of people still do this now. We may admit the things that we like but we tend to always have an excuse. We call them our guilty pleasures, openly admitting that we are somewhat embarrassed to like a certain TV show or a book.

My favorite is people who say they like something ironically. I have no idea what that even means. I’m being serious about this. If someone knows what it means to like something ironically or to wear something ironically, please fill me. I for one am finally done liking things with an excuse. Here are some of the things I like unironically and with no guilt involved.

  • Taylor Swift – There is never not a good time to listen to some Taylor Swift. The only complaint I have is that I went to her concert a few years back and I was the oldest person there who wasn’t taking their child.
  • Superhero Movies – Hot guys and action scenes. What’s not to like?
  • Twilight – I’ve read all the books and I’ve seen all the movies. I actually don’t think any of them are that great but I genuinely really like the first movie. I think people just brush it off because it’s Twilight but it’s actually pretty good.
  • Nicholas Sparks – I don’t really read romance novels, they are not my thing. But I have read pretty much all of Nicholas Sparks’ books and I always have to go see his movies. The big part of the allure of his movies is definitely the casting. Ryan Gosling, Zac Efron, Josh Duhamel, Channing Tatum. Need I say more?
  • Doctor Who – You should feel guilty if you don’t like Doctor Who. This show is awesome!
  • Flip Flops – The second the weather goes over 75 consistently I live in flip flops. On the train, in the park, at work. Everywhere. I do not care!
  • Tumblr – I’m about 8-10 years older than the average user but it doesn’t stop me. That site is highly addictive.
  • Gossip Girl – I know this show isn’t on anymore and the last season was crap but this was hands down my favorite show for the longest time. It was by far one of the most visually appealing shows I’ve ever watched. It showed the pretty side of New York. (I live here. Trust me, it’s not that nice.) Everyone was so good looking. And the clothes were amazing!
  • Diet Soda – OK, this is something I actually should feel bad about since it’s so bad for you. But whatever. I figure as far as vices go, I could do a lot worse.

Are Stars Getting Younger or Am I Just Old?

you are hot as balls

A gif from Cougar Town is fitting for this post.

Your twenties will be the first time you start to feel old. Realistically it’s not anywhere close to old but it is the first time you will start to realize there are a lot of people younger than you. I remember turning 22 and thinking, “That’s it. I’m officially old.” I was so young and naive. Now at 28, I really am officially old. (I am completely aware that 35-year-old me is going to look back and think that 28-year-old me was so young and naive.) I’m at that stage where I get excited if someone cards me. On more than one occasion I’ve been at a bar where I was the oldest person there. And yes, that was the last time I ever set foot in said bar. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that 1994 was 20 years ago! Twenty!

When you’re a kid, time goes by so slow. Summer break feels like a year instead of the 2 months it really is. The four years of high school feel like eight. But somewhere along the way time starts to speed up. I noticed this happening around the time I graduated from college at 23. (I just gave myself a mini panic attack from writing that. I graduated college FIVE years ago!) One year feels like it lasts only a month. It’s terrifying and I feel as though it’s only go to get worse as I get older!

Now, I understand that so far this post has succeeded in doing one of two things: If you are under 28, you are thinking, “Well at least I’m younger than this old hag so it isn’t so bad.” If you are over 28, you are thinking, “Bitch please! Stop complaining. Wait until you’re my age.” So I am going to stop rambling about how “old” I am and get to the point of this post. (I swear I really do have a point and you’re going to like it!) The point of all this: hot guys! When you’re younger it seems that all your celebrity crushes are years older than you. “Oh, you’re old enough to be my father? Then I’d like to climb you like a tree.” Well, I am not sure how this happened but I’ve started realizing that some of these celebrities that I think are cute are younger than me. And not just younger by a few months. These guys are younger than my little sister. When I watched the remake of Carrie and saw Ansel Elgort for the first time, I thought, “Thank the Lord that Chris Hansen does not know what I’m thinking right now.”

Sure there are tons of hotties in Hollywood that are older than me (I’m looking at you Tom Hiddleston) but they really are starting to get younger and younger. Here are some celebrities that have made me feel just a little bit dirty for thinking they’re hot.

Ansel Elgort • 20-years-old
ansel elgort
So this guy inspired me to write this post. I remember watching Carrie and thinking, “Oh man, this kid is so cute.” Then I remember looking him up on IMDB and wanting to throw up on myself. He was born in 1994! He just turned 20-years-old! Age difference be damned, he is adorable! He’s going to be in The Fault in Our Stars this June so I get to be turned on while simultaneously crying my eyes out. It’s going to be awesome.

Dylan O’Brien • 22-years-old
dylan o'brien
Yes I watch Teen Wolf on MTV and yes it is an awesome show! It’s funny, has a Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibe to it, and it’s filled with tons of hot, shirtless guys! Dylan O’Brien plays Stiles and he is by far the best part of the show. He’s the only one who genuinely knows how to act. He started off the show looking like this, but somewhere along the way he became a man. I am not sure when this happened or how it happened, I’m just glad that it did.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson • 23-years-old
aaron taylor johnson
Looking at Aaron Taylor-Johnson doesn’t actually make me feel all that dirty because he looks older. But then I find out that he was born in the 90s and that icky feeling starts to set in. So be it! The dorky kid from Kick-Ass grew up and I like it! Fun fact: His wife is over 20 years older than him so there is hope for all of us! (Maybe that’s why I’m still single. I haven’t met my man yet because he’s still in preschool.)

Liam Hemsworth • 24-years-old
liam hemsworth
While I’m partial to Chris Hemsworth (See I’m not that creepy. I think the older brother is cuter.), there is no denying that Liam Hemsworth is hot. Liam is best known for his role in the Hunger Games films but hasn’t had much to do in those films yet. He’ll be seeing a lot more screen time in the last two installments and I for one am happy about that! (I was just trying to be polite and professional (HA!) there. He’s really best known as Miley’s ex.)

Zac Efron
zac efron
I didn’t even bother putting Zac Efron’s age because he’s actually not that young. He was born only a year before I was. However, people will always universally view him as a teenager, no matter how hot and grown up he becomes. I was having a discussion about Zac Efron the other day during brunch with my friends. My friend was talking about how good looking he is then stopped herself and said, “But wait, how old is he? Is he even legal yet?” To us, Mr. Efron, you will always be a 17-year-old. Just a really hot 17-year-old we all want to bang.