Fifteen Things I Hope I’m Never Too Old For

Barney Stinson - I'm too old for this

So it seems that every other day I read some new article addressing all the things I need to give up now that I’m in my late twenties and “soooo old!” According to this lady, last year when I turned 27, I should have given up all forms of fun ever.

That linked article is a bit ridiculous but there are some valid things I could never imagine doing again at my age. True story: When I was about 19, my friend and I stayed up all night in the city. Then we went to Six Flags all day without any sleep. You couldn’t pay me to do that again. That’s torture. If you want to know all my darkest secrets, just threaten me with a full day of Six Flags without any sleep. I’d give up my entire family to avoid that.

But there are a lot of things I never want to give up. Ever! I wanna be that 80-year-old going to the midnight screening of the latest superhero movie. I’ll be damned if some article is going to tell me I’m too old for that. Here are some things that I hope I’m never too old for.

1. Watching cartoons. And not just because some child I’m with is forcing me to.

2. Dancing and singing like a maniac whenever Nsync comes on the radio.

3. Playing in the snow. The snow can get annoying as you get older. (Why must I have crappy tires that cause my car to get stuck every single snowstorm?) But snow can also be a lot of fun and I hope I never forget that.

4. Running out of my house with cash in hand when I hear the ice cream truck outside.

5. Disney movies.

6. Playing with legos or Barbies. Those are the two toys we never grow out of.

7. Midnight screenings of my favorite movies.

8. Reading children’s and young adult books.

9. Always eating a giant slice of cake or huge cupcake for my birthday. Complete with icing and sprinkles.

10. Sleepovers. Yep, I still have sleepovers with my best friends!

11. Wearing whatever the hell I want. Between work and the 500 different weddings/showers I’m always going to, it seems like I am constantly adhering to some sort of dress code. When I don’t have to, I will be wearing whatever I want and I’ll be damned if someone is going to tell me I’m “too old” to be wearing that.

12. Dressing up for Halloween and enjoying an unnatural amount of candy.

13. StartingΒ a new adventure. Whether it be learning a new language, moving to a new place, or starting a new job, I hope I never use my age as the main factor for not doing something.

14. Sleeping as late as I want when I have nothing planned for the day.

15. And lastly, I hope I am never so old that I’ll listen to some article telling me what I can and cannot do at my age!

So, what are some things you never want to be too old for?



  1. I’m 26 and also not too old for the things on your list πŸ™‚
    Would add licking cake mixture from a spoon (yum!)
    And going on bouncy castles at a party (you are never too old for that right?)
    Great post πŸ˜€ x

    1. OMG yes to both. How could I have forgotten those? In May I went to my nephew’s second birthday party. It was at this venue that had five different types of bouncy houses set up. I think I had more fun than he did.

  2. I’m 25 and Halloween is still my favorite holiday. No expectations of gift-giving and I like that it encourages people to be creative. Google “pun costumes.” They’re hilarious.

    And whoever put an age limit on headbands is lucky to not have The Struggle of thick, curly, unmanageable hair.

    1. First off. I love your blog. I’m forty five. You make me laugh. I’m very immature. I love to play Barbies. But I’m very inappropriate. When I was 13, I invented a game called Barbie Dolls on Drugs. I would totally still play it today. And my ex-husband 😦 and I used to dress up for Halloween when were married, which was just five years ago. You only live once. And I don’t use the new term. (YOLO) sorry. πŸ™‚

    2. Some of those pun costumes are great!

      I don’t have curly hair but it’s very thick and wavy. Sometimes I need a headband to control it. Also, a headband comes in handy if I want to stretch out a blowout for one more day without washing it. You’re never too old for headbands. That’s just a stupid rule.

  3. Oh my goodness YES! I still do everything on this list. Actually, I often do multiple items on this list at the same time! Between you and I, I still order off of the kids menu sometimes (I mean, they get chicken fingers, fries, a drink AND a Oreo sundae?! WAYYYYY beter than the “big kids” menu for sure!). I also think that any playground with a giant slide and a swingset are fair game, preferably while eating Scooby Doo Fruitsnacks and drinking Capri Suns.

  4. I really miss no 14. I fear that when my kids are old enough for me to be able to enjoy it, my body clock will have adjusted to getting up at stupid o’clock. I like being a nightowl.

  5. Love this Liz! Thought Catalog should suck it and die. My birthday is on Friday and I plan on eating as much cake as I possibly can. I also love YA fiction as well. Don’t forget that most YA writers are our age and older. πŸ˜‰

    1. Haha, sometimes I like Thought Catalog. I’ve read some decent articles from them but this one was just ridiculous. You definitely should eat a ton of cake on Friday. You’ve survived another year. That’s reason to celebrate.

  6. The cliche is true, you are as old as you feel. Don’t let anybody dictate what you can or cannot do based on your age. I recently wrote a post about this very same topic but I mostly poked fun at how ridiculous it would be to show up as a 30 year old to some activity only teenagers go to, like a hip hop dance class. Anyway, great post!

    1. I will admit that last winter in NYC the snow drove me a little mad. You being from MN I won’t embarrass myself and tell you about our winter, but it was bad for New York’s standards. However, I want to never forget how ridiculously fun and pretty the snow can be.

  7. Heck yes, Legos!
    I love this list and completely agree.
    I never wanna be too old to blast loud, raucous music in my car while driving around town, be it loud rap or the Pitch Perfect soundtrack, singing along just as loud, for absolutely no reason.

  8. I just turned 30 and am realizing I’ve gotten too serious with life. That list is great! I love making snowmen with my niece and nephew. I am sure I enjoy it more than they do!

  9. LOVED this post! I get really tired of hearing people say “I’m too old for that.” Don’t get me wrong, age can prohibit you from doing some things, but gosh not everything. I loved #3 because I feel like no one plays in the rain/snow anymore. It’s really a tragedy. Props to you for defying age and realizing that you don’t have to give up everything you did when you were younger just because you are no longer as young as you were. I think I’m going to make my own list of things so that when I’m older I will read it and hopefully change my perspective!

  10. I’m hitting the big 3-0 in a few months and I will NEVER be too old for Disney!! Disney movies, Disney characters, Disney theme parks, etc. Glad you mentioned it in your post πŸ™‚

  11. Im 27…
    U nicely describe the insecurities,confusion,doubts tht late twenties people face
    I mean we r not old
    N somtyms it feels we r not young 😦
    Actually d society too makes us feel lyk dat

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